Short of renting a billboard on the side of the highway (and kudos to your school if you’ve actually done that), there’s no more obvious statement of school spirit than a banner. Whether it’s a gym banner only visible to a few or a championship banner visible to many, a custom banner’s dazzling presence and massive scale is sure to catch the eye and inspire.

That is, of course, if your conference banners look great. Gaudy color schemes or illegible fonts aren’t very impressive. But that’s also why our team at SportsGraphics is here to help! Read on for a few tips on designing custom school banners.

The Ideal Conference Banner Is Simple but Impactful

Banners are used to grab attention, but they aren’t something anyone stops to stare at for too long. Your banner must be loud enough to demand focus, yet simple enough to deliver a quick message and a fast jolt of school spirit.

It doesn’t have a lot of time to do its job, so make sure your gym banner is:

●        Short ‘n Sweet

Like we said, banners aren’t for reading. A few words is okay, such as the names of conferences won, but don’t write a dictionary! Consider a testament in your school’s trophy case if you want to discuss the given team’s accomplishments in more detail.

●        Vibrant

Though a banner’s impressive size lends it some limelight, it still can get lost in the vast space of the gym if it doesn’t make use of bright colors. They don’t need to be neons (unless, of course, you want them to be), but just be sure to use a vivid hue.

●        Well-Designed

Cluttered backgrounds have little place on a banner, as they distract the viewer from your school’s accomplishments. Small fonts that require squinting are hard to read and water down your message. Keep the design as simple and streamlined as possible.

●        Well-Made

A custom banner is something you want to last. Invest in premium, high-quality products upfront, and they’ll shine in the gym for years to come.

Contact SportsGraphics Today for Your Perfect School Banner

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