Stairs: everyone loves to hate them. We all know, though, despite our constant griping about climbing them, that they serve an important purpose logistically. Did you know that they serve an important purpose in your school branding, too? We’re not talking about the stairs themselves—it’d be a little hard to build a staircase in the shape of your school’s mascot!—but about what you put on the stairs. No, not anti-slip footing: we’re referring to stair graphics.

Like custom wall pads and window graphics, stairway graphics are an integral part of showing off what makes your school, well your school. While you may not think much of your stairs in this sense (school branding might be more closely associated with, say, bleacher curtains in many people’s minds), they represent huge amounts of free “real estate,” so to speak, that you can use to remind students of their school pride, or wow opposing teams with your district-wide spirit.

Below, SportsGraphics, a provider of stairway graphics for schools of all sizes, discusses how this powerful tool can be utilized as an effective part of your school branding plan.

Stair Graphics Are Loud and Commanding

Simply because of their sheer size, stair graphics command the attention of passerby in a way that more subtle details of your school branding plan might not. They take up swaths of unused space and draw the eye to what matters: your school’s personality and drive visualized. If you want to send a message, consider stair graphics the billboard of your school’s brand.

Stair Graphics Maximize Your School Branding

For your school branding to be truly effective, your school must live and breathe it in every way possible. By leaving your stairs blank, you’re wasting space that you could be using to remind students of their allegiances, or to intimidate rival teams. Why wouldn’t you be using step graphics? Skimping on your school branding is absolutely no way to make it effective; you have to drench your school in its own colors and mascot.

Stair Graphics Are Surprising

We’re used to stairs being simply something that we climb every day—not something that draws our attention with bright colors or images! Because stair graphics help display your school’s brand in such a unique way, they render themselves a quite effective way to convey the messages associated with that brand, whatever that means for your individual school.

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