If you are in charge of operating an athletic organization, big or small, you know how important it is to create a culture unlike any other. You want your athletes to be motivated by the past successes of your organization, so they can achieve more in the future. However, if you have an inconsistent brand, outdated graphics, or no brand at all, it can be difficult to build a culture that motivates your athletes and fans alike. You don’t want to have a culture that only motivates your athletes. You want to have a culture that motivates everyone who comes into contact with it. Here, our design and safety team at SportsGraphics will discuss the benefits of adopting a universal style guide for your entire organization.

Benefits of an Organization-Wide Style Guide

In addition to creating a unified culture, there are a variety of other benefits that come with creating a brand for your entire organization:

Consistency | Whether you are looking to revamp your current brand or create an entirely new one, you need to discover and create the logos and colors that work best for your school or organization. If you are creating your style guide on your own or want one of our experts to help, we want you to know you need to have official fonts and colors that are used across the board. This creates consistency, which allows you to find your organization’s identity and continue to market your team in a positive way.

Identity | When you have a consistent style guide with the same colors, logos, and fonts across the board, you can throw your efforts into branding. Once your style guide is established, you can invest in a variety of products to create brand awareness and enhance the culture and atmosphere at your athletic facilities or even your school. Some of the athletic products you can display your style guide on include:

●        Step Graphics

●        Wall Graphics

●        Window Graphics

●        Banners

●        And more

Marketing and Advertising | One of the primary benefits of having an organization-wide style guide is that you can use the brand you have created to market and advertise your organization. When fans come to your events, they typically show up in some sort of team apparel. By having a consistent identity, you can create shirts, sweatshirts, and other apparel items for your fans to purchase. These apparel items help create an unbeatable atmosphere at different events, which can further motivate your athletes to achieve new goals.

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