Despite how difficult branding your outdoor athletic facilities can be, it is still necessary to ensure you create the ultimate home-field advantage. Branding your indoor athletic facilities is relatively easy compared to the outdoors. Indoors, you have the options of putting your brand on walls, doors, windows, scoring tables, and everything in between. While there are not nearly as many places to display your brand in your outdoor athletic facilities, with strategic planning, you can ensure you are creating an unbeatable atmosphere for your teams. Here, our safety and design experts at SportsGraphics will discuss the best ways to brand your outdoor athletic facilities so you can create a similar atmosphere to that within an indoor facility. 

Take Advantage of Fencing

The majority of outdoor athletic facilities have fencing of some sort wrapped around the perimeter. This fencing keeps people safe and marks the beginning and end of the competition field. Our products at SportsGraphics can be easily attached to any surface, whether it’s chain link fencing, brick, concrete, or something else. Facilities, like baseball and softball diamonds, have fencing surrounding them, and putting wall pads to protect your athletes or even just vinyl covers to provide some design is an easy way to give your team home-field advantage. Every athlete who competes in your program wants to feel as though they are immersed in your culture and supported by the past and present of the program. By plastering the surrounding fencing with your school’s brand, logo, and more, you can create an unbeatable atmosphere.

Use Dugouts and Railings

An underrated area you can put your brand on is the railings and dugout structures at your facilities. While dugouts are only applicable to baseball and softball diamonds, railings are present in most stadiums. By proudly displaying your program’s logo, mascot, sponsors, donors, and everything in between throughout your dugout and the surrounding structures, you can create the ultimate culture for your athletic facilities. Additionally, most stadiums, like track and field stadiums, have railings as barriers between the playing surface and fans, so that is another space you can put your brand on. Using whatever available surfaces you have to promote your brand is an easy way to build a culture.

Make Available Wall Space Somewhere to Display Achievements

Unlike indoor stadiums, there are not a plethora of walls available in outdoor stadiums to display your program’s achievements. If your facility has a press box or another nearby structure, you should invest in wall graphics to display past accomplishments for your fans and athletes to see. If your athletes see past achievements, it can encourage them to work harder to achieve those same things or more. To learn more about our wall graphics, contact us today.

Contact SportsGraphics Today

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