While it may not seem as important to put safety equipment and other branding materials in your outdoor athletic facilities, it’s still crucial you do. Branding your athletic facilities ihelps enhance the atmosphere for your fans and athletes. When you think of an electric athletic atmosphere, you may think of enclosed stadiums, like basketball stadiums. However, creating that same atmosphere in outdoor facilities can be more difficult. Because of the open-air facilities, lack of enclosure, and more, it may be difficult to create the atmosphere you desire.


Here, our safety and design experts at SportsGraphics will discuss how to brand your track and field facilities.

Display Your Brand

One of the easiest ways to brand your outdoor athletic facility is to add wall pads or vinyl covers to the fencing surrounding your track. At SportsGraphics, we use our six-color printing mechanism to print a variety of custom graphics onto the vinyl covers on your safety products. We can print a variety of things on these vinyl covers, which include:

●        Logos

●        Mascots

●        Fonts

●        Donors

●        Sponsors


By displaying your program’s colors, logos, mascots, and more, you can create an enticing atmosphere at your facility. All athletes want to feel the pride of their communities and the fans backing them, and fans want to cheer on their teams and athletes while being immersed in program pride.


Typically, fences surround the exterior of tracks to keep non-athletes away from the competition field. While track is not seen as a high-collision sport, you may want to consider wall pads on the part of the track closest to the bleachers in case someone trips on hurdles in the area. Additionally, you can install thin fence coverings with your school’s brand on them to surround the remainder of the fence.

Add Championship Years or Other Accomplishments to the Structures

Another way to enhance the brand awareness at your track and field facility is to get wall graphics printed to detail past program accomplishments. At SportsGraphics, we can create customized wall and window graphics in any font that will attach to any surface. Our products are durable and will withstand the elements.


Typically, we see programs put these wall graphics that have championship seasons, both team and individual, on the press box or other nearby structure that is visible from the track. Additionally, we can print these accomplishments on vinyl coverings or wall pads that surround the track. Adding these details is a great way to get people excited and to enhance the brand at your facility.

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