Like it or not, social media has permeated nearly every aspect of our lives. From documenting the mocha we picked up as a special Friday treat to memorializing big career changes or school graduations, it’s become a way that the modern world records its own history.

But social media isn’t just a way of declaring the very recent past; it’s an active tool that schools everywhere can use to build their brand. Below, SportsGraphics, your school branding specialists, has a few tips on how to do just that.

Establish a Strong Brand in the First Place

You can’t build a brand without a thorough understanding of what you’re aiming to create. School branding isn’t just slapping your mascot’s logo everywhere; it’s a careful, curated approach to taking control of a district’s image. So if you can’t distill your school’s values into a few key phrases, or you don’t have the first clue what a style guide is, you’ll need to go back to basics before you can leverage social media as the powerful tool it is.

To nail down the details, check out this article from Forbes which discusses 12 branding principles that will guide you to success. Our school branding ideas blog about creating an empowering image will also prove helpful.

Be Consistent

Consistency is important across all areas of branding; social media is no different. While you may have to change what you’re saying a little to meet length and format requirements, your presence should still be recognizable as the same entity across platforms. This can get tricky, as your school brand is being used to reach parents, students, potential enrollers, and staff—so the messages you post must be appealing to all of those groups at once. All the more reason to get your branding approach down to a science in the first place!

Determine Why You’re on Social Media to Begin With

Of course, it’s to build your brand—we’re talking about something more specific: your approach to doing so. How will you create your school’s image and build its reputation? Will you use your accounts to inform about your students’ recent achievements? To entertain with silly mascot shenanigans? Maybe a bit of both? Do you want separate accounts for separate purposes?

Your approach to conveying your school brand directly affects how that brand is perceived, so choose wisely.

Need Help Rebranding a School? SportsGraphics Is on Your Side

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