Oftentimes, athletic teams and facilities are the pride and joy of schools. Students, faculty and staff, alumni, and residents of the city represent their school proudly, and need to have the branding to show off their pride. Most schools understand branding is necessary to create an undeniable presence that rivals every competitor. In addition to branding on apparel, branding is most important in your school’s athletic facilities or other buildings. Below, our experts at SportsGraphics will go through easy ways to brand your facilities.

Five Easy Ways To Brand

Finding the right balance between eccentricity and pride is a difficult achievement for any school. You want to brand yourself and make the facilities appealing, but you don’t want to go overboard. When you brand your facilities, you want to create the enchanting experience that comes with the excitement of a big event. Here are a few branding options for you:

1.      Custom Banners: Banners have the benefit of being able to be placed almost anywhere on your campus. Whether you have fans or cheerleaders holding them, or you have them hung throughout hallways, fences, arenas, classrooms, and more, banners are a great advertising boost.

2.      Wall Graphics: Similar to banners, wall graphics can be put nearly anywhere on your campus. While more permanent than banners, they can be changed relatively frequently to update athletic achievements or anything else.

3.      Window Graphics: In recent years, many schools have been implementing window graphics throughout their facilities to create brand awareness. Because of their design, light can stream through, creating a unique aesthetic that highlights your brand.

4.      Gym Wall Padding: While gym wall padding, and padding on other athletic facilities, is primarily for safety, it is also an easy way to brand your team. Custom graphics can be put on padding in any facility, providing safety and marketing.

5.      Bleacher Enclosures: To ensure children and other fans stay safe from the hazards under the bleachers of any facility, you may want to consider bleacher enclosures. Not only do they provide safety, but they are also a great place for branding to create fan awareness.

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