Implementing your program’s logos, colors, and mascots on window graphics are an easy, affordable way to show off your school’s pride. Window graphics can cause your school’s colors and logos pop, and when the light streams through the graphics, it creates an aesthetic that cannot be beat.

●      Grab Attention and Improve Safety

In order to create fan awareness and pride, your school and athletic facilities need to be properly branded. In recent years, window graphics have taken off, and are now instrumental in creating an electric atmosphere.

Not only do interior and exterior window perforations provide a unique look for your school, but they can also increase security. The graphics block the view from the outside, providing added security, while people inside the athletic facilities or school building can see outside. Here, SportsGraphics will go over other benefits of our window graphics.

●      Improve School Culture

People want to brag about their school’s athletics and show their pride. By thoroughly branding athletic facilities inside and out, you create an atmosphere that can only be felt when you go to watch a big game. Window graphics communicate a message to fans from both sides about the pride and unity your school has.

●      Improve Social Media Strategy

The better your school or program’s branding is, the better opportunity you’ll have to market and promote yourselves on social media. Social media promotion is a simple, affordable way to connect with your fanbase, no matter where they’re located. On average, 37% more followers will engage with social media postings if the post includes a picture. Posting photos of the window graphics at your facilities is a sure fire way to get responses and connect with your fanbase.

Additionally, adding impactful, smart window graphics increases school spirit and pride, ultimately leading to more social media pictures, as well as pictures and photos being shared among family, friends, and local papers. To create an elite bond between your community and fanbase, branding and the promotion of that brand are key. It can turn your fan base and arena from mediocre and easy to play in, to a raving crowd and a difficult place to play in.

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