Adding banners to elementary, junior high, and high school spaces has many benefits. For one thing, these banners help share school spirit and create a sense of community. For another, a school banner can relay information about upcoming events or other important news.

Few things catch a viewer's attention than a big banner placed across a wall, entryway, or window. However, to get people's attention, you need to approach your banner with a focused strategy and a creative mindset.

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Below are some recommendations for taking your school banner to the next level. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at 1-800-257-6405.

Key Tips for Creating a School Banner

The most important feature of your banner is the message you wish to convey. Therefore, if you have something to say in two words or twenty, make sure that viewers have no problems seeing the words.

Here is how to accomplish message clarity!

Avoid Wordiness

Keep your message concise and to the point. You want people to digest the information as quickly as possible. Brevity is essential if the banner is in a hallway or on the side of the road.

Plus, wordiness takes up extra space, and a banner is still limited, despite being large.

Simplify the Font

Use a simple, straightforward font that anyone can read. Avoid flash fonts or fonts printed in cursive. While these fonts might look pretty, they are rarely suitable for getting information across quickly.

You'll want to choose an option that's straightforward and simple to read. Professional designers use Helvetica, Trajan, Garamond, Futura, Bodini, Frutiger, or Gills Sans.

Choose Letter Colors Carefully

The first rule of combining colors is to use tones that contrast without blending into the background. (Read below for background tips). If your colors are too close in tone or shade, they may be hard to read.

Better yet, you may want to avoid combining or alternating letter colors and stick with one solid color. Generally, it's better to keep things simple than to try to do multiple colors at once.

Enlarge the Font

Possibly the best way to ensure people see your banner and read it is to make the font larger enough. Letters should be one inch tall per every 10 feet. You can always make them larger, spending on how many words you need to fit on the banner.

Small letters have little impact visually or psychologically, and they are also hard to see. Big, bold letters pack a punch, mainly because they are visible from further away.

Use Effective Wording

Finally, you'll need to pick what the banner will say. If you’re advertising an event, it’s often easiest to just put the name of the event along with the dates it takes place.

If the banner is more for school spirit, keep things peppy and action-oriented. Consider using solid verbs or including a mention of your school mascot.

Choosing the Right School Banner Background Design

One of the most common errors in banner design is placing a noisy background behind the banner's focal point. It lessens the impact of what you want people to notice first. The background should complement the main image or message without overtaking it.

While choosing a fun or interesting image might seem wise, things can quickly look messy or confusing. Your best approach is to keep the background clean with no design.

If you want to add a few flourishes to the background, keep the design simple with zero distractions. No matter how complex or simple the background is, it should feel like it is part of the overall banner design concept.

Place the Banner Where No One Can Miss It

If you order a banner, you are choosing a medium that's meant to be seen. This is an item that's supposed to be big and bold, and that's because you want many people to see it while walking or driving by.

There's nothing subtle about a banner. What distinguishes it from any other display or medium is that you have something to say and want everyone to see it. So, when designing a banner, remember to embrace this fact.

Therefore, your banner will fulfill its purpose if you place it where no one can miss it. Think about where the most traffic occurs in the school facility. Also, place the banner so people can see it without adjusting their heads or bodies.

For instance, when a person enters a hallway, classroom or other areas, where do they project first? If fans are sitting in bleachers, where are they most cast their first? These are the areas where you should place the banner.

If the banner goes outside, place it near the school entrance or where most people drive when pulling into the parking lot.

Contact Your School Banner Design Professionals

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