Windscreens – The Many Functions

Traditionally, windscreens have been used across fences to provide privacy for the players on the field. The windscreen helps players stay focused on the game without distractions of traffic and activity off the field.

Windscreen 1Windscreens also limit outside noise while keeping the resonance of the game at a contagious inclusion of involvement.Another benefit of windscreens is shade. With more and more scientific evidence of the damaging effects of sun on unprotected skin; windscreens can provide spectators protection with varying levels (depending on the windscreen) that can block up to 100% of sun’s exposure.Of course, windscreens also live up to its name by blocking out wind, dust and debris from distracting players and spectators.

Andy Kachure, a safety and image consultant for SportsGraphics, is seeing new ways that windscreens are being used. “The first order usually results with the athletic director or the principal telling me that the digitally printed windscreen far exceeded their expectations. Next, they are asking for it on the backsides of press boxes and below railing in the gymnasiums,” says Kachure.

Windscreen RailingAccording to Kachure, schools are wanting to use printed windscreen to wrap the fences that run around the parking lot, giving the spectators an enclosed, safe feeling for privacy and security. “It is just a very affordable way to dress up the school’s fields and facilities with amazing digital imagery that really identifies the school’s spirit, “ says Kachure.

Windscreens are easy to apply with built in grommets and hemmed edges. The only thing the school needs to do is zip tie them to the fence or poles, depending on where they are going to be displayed.