A good brand is all but everlasting. It continues to inspire students and staff alike years after its implementation, guiding school districts in their interactions with stakeholders and the public alike.

Does your brand represent your school’s spirit, or is it time for a refresh?

For everything you need to know about school branding, SportsGraphics is here to help. As Clarion providers of bleacher enclosures, branded wall pads, school branding consultations, and more, we’ve helped countless schools just like yours redefine themselves.

Read on to see if it’s time for yours to do the same!

You Blend Into the Competition

Whether your school is public and private, its image doesn’t operate in isolation. Instead, it’s viewed in the context of your competitors: other schools.

Does your current brand have what it takes to make sure your school stands out from the crowd? If not, it might be time to step it up a notch.

You can assess this in a number of ways; one might be to compare your style guide to that of what you deem competition. Do they look too similar? You may also want to see if your school’s mission and general “vibe” seem likewise.

Your Students Are No Longer Inspired

While staff and alumni might hold sentimental feelings toward your old colors and mascot, students who are currently attending your school have no such thing. For your brand to have value to them, it must actively inspire them to be their best each and every day.

Assessing whether or not this is the case can be tricky. Surveys are one option, though you’ll need to phrase the questions in an age-appropriate, understandable manner. Few students are likely to comprehend the full extent of what the word “brand” means.

You may also consider collective values your students demonstrate—inclusion or determination, for example—and see if they match with what your brand is going for.

You Have the Opportunity to Expand

There’s nothing like a new rec center or a new academic facility to catch the eye of potential enrollers, but to maximize your expansion’s draw, you’ll need a new brand to go with it.

Modernizing your image and tailoring it to appeal to a potential new demographic will serve to draw that demographic in.

SportsGraphics Has All the Branded Products You Need

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