Font plays a major role in establishing your school’s voice and identity. When it comes to school branding, the way text looks in your logo can make or break your attempts to engage your students, staff, and community.

Therefore, great school branding ideas will thoroughly address this important facet, but how? What’s the best font, out of the seemingly infinite ones available, to use? While the specifics will depend on how you go about rebranding a school, SportsGraphics is here with some advice and good, general rules of thumb.

Fonts Are Customizable

In many cases, a font has more options available to the designer than bold, underlined, and italicized. Anything from the font’s leading (the empty space between lines) to its tracking (the empty space between the letters themselves) can generally be changed by the designer. And those little lines that look like feet on the “legs” of every character in some fonts? Those are called serifs, and they can sometimes be added or removed, too!

There’s a ton of lingo to the field of typography, but the takeaway is this: When picking fonts, don’t just pass one up because of how it initially looks. Play with your options a bit; you may be surprised!

Always Consider the Big Picture (Sometimes Literally)

While your design might look legible enough on a computer, if you’re blowing it up to gigantic proportions on window graphics or custom wall pads, it might be another story. Similarly, while it might look bright and stand-out onscreen, if your font gets lost among all the visual clutter of the surrounding real-life environment, it’s not doing its job: conveying a message in style.

When you’re working with fonts, always consider them in context—both where the finished product is going and the design itself. This means asking, before any final decisions are made:

●        Can my font be read from all distances, or at least the distance at which it is most likely to be interacted with?

●        Is it bold enough to draw attention, despite the busy school around it?

●        Is it subtle enough to not hog your design, leaving room for negative space and your mascot?

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