If your program requires a quick set-up and break-down before, during, or after matches, roll-out mats provide an efficient solution for creating a competitive setting and then returning a room back to its normal environment. Below, we outline the benefits of roll-out mats and how they can help your athletic program:

Do You Need Roll Out Mats?

Roll out mats are floor pads that allows athletes to compete on a gym floor without sustaining injuries. When a competitor is thrown to the floor by an opponent, they may hit with their legs, arms, back, or shoulders. Roll-out mats provide shock absorption and eliminate injuries or bruises to the player.


Without padding, practice and athletic competition can take its toll on the body or cause severe injury to the head or other body parts. Therefore, mat material must be durable enough to withstand impact, but soft enough to prevent an athlete from getting hurt.

Advantages of Roll-Out Mats

●      Durable Construction

Roll-out Mats consist of the latest foam technology and will never harden or shrink. These mats can support maximum performance throughout their life. The martial arts floor mats connect seamlessly together and will provide adequate practice space in a home gym or workout facility.


They are waterproof, sweatproof, and can handle larger, muscular athletes and intense falls.

●      Long-Lasting Durability

High-quality SportsGraphics roll-out Mats are designed to last for years and take countless hours of abuse. Newer styles of roll out Mats contain foam technology that retains its form and will never harden or shrink. They can support maximum performance throughout their lifespan.

●      Easy Setup and Breakdown

Roll-out Mats have a distinct advantage over tiled mats because you can roll them up instead of connecting them on each side. You can pull the mats up or lay them out without any disruption. You can roll or unroll the mats in a single setting and adjust them as needed before, during, or after a match with greater efficiency.

●      Fully Customizable

You have the option of ordering custom-designed mats that display your team’s colors, logos, or designs. SportsGraphics prints high-definition designs with stunning clarity and brilliance to show off your team’s facility when other schools’ teams visit for a competition.

●      Cover an Entire Designated Area

If you need mats that will cover your entire competition area with room to spare, you can customize your order to suit your room's exact specifications. No matter how large the area is, you can provide enough protection for your athletes to eliminate any chance of injury. The extended mats also allow you to host a tournament or other sporting event where multiple matches are co-occurring.

Order Your Roll-Out Mats from SportsGraphics

SportsGraphics offers high-quality, durable floor mats for high school gyms and other sports facilities that provide high-impact indoor sports, such as wrestling. We can custom design your floor mats to suit any wrestling level and environment.


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