Before you decide if you should purchase wall pads, roll-out mats, or other padding, there are a few things you should consider. Depending on the sport you are preparing for, the dimensions of your facility, the storage space you have available, and more, you can only get custom-sized pieces of equipment. Because of these reasons, you should contact our expert team at SportsGraphics to learn more about our services and what our products can do for your facilities. Here, our team will discuss some of the reasons for and benefits of roll-out pads, so you know more of what to expect.

Do You Need Roll-Out Mats? What are Their Benefits?

Roll-out mats are custom floor pads that allow athletes to compete on hard surfaces without suffering frequent injuries. These mats are designed, like our wall pads, to absorb the shock of a collision so that the chance of suffering an injury is reduced. Roll-out mats, such as wrestling mats, have to be durable but also cushioned, and there is a fine balance to create the perfect pad. If you have athletes that participate in events like wrestling, you should research roll-out pads and provide them with the best equipment available.


Benefits of our custom roll-out mats include:

●        They Retain Shape

Our roll-out mats are designed so they will not harden or shrink over time. Additionally, they can handle frequent collisions, water, and sweat without breaking down. The mats are also designed so they connect seamlessly without leaving a gap for a potential injury.

●        They are Extremely Durable

At SportsGraphics, we use the newest technology to ensure your roll-out pads are sturdy, but can also withstand extreme collisions. Our pads are designed to last for several years and will not wear like traditional products.

●        They Have Simple Setup and Breakdown

Our mats are designed so they are easy to roll up and can be easily adjusted before or after an individual match or the event as a whole. The ability to roll these mats up easily provides a stark advantage over tile mats, which you have to connect before you can set them up or break them down.

●        They Can be Customized

At SportsGraphics, our team has the unique capability of being able to put a number of custom designs on your mats. We can ensure they are your school’s colors, and we can add mascots, motivational quotes, and more to the mats. Each design is printed with high-definition clarity to enhance your facility.

●        They Can be Custom Fitted

As part of our state-of-the-art design process, we will ensure the roll-out mats you purchase from us are customized to fit the exact space you need. With our custom sizing and graphics, your roll-out mats are sure to be the best around.

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