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Roll-out Mats

5 Reasons to Invest in Roll Out Mats

For student athletes, many lessons can be learned on the court or in the heat of competition. Sporting events and gym classes are therefore a crucial part of your students’ education, but if you have just one gymnasium, it can be challenging to make it work for all types of athletic activities. Plus, it’s likely your gym must frequently and quickly transform back into a space suited for general PE classes, which means you might not want to install anything that would be hard to take down. So how do you provide a safe sporting environment for all different kinds of athletes?

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What Sets Roll-Out Mats by SportsGraphics Apart?

At SportsGraphics, our design and safety experts are the best of the best and offer our own customized roll-out mats for wrestling, martial arts, and more. Through our own independent testing, use the safest Roll-out mats on the market. Additionally, our custom wrestling mats are easy to set up and tear down, which allows you to operate events with ease. Here, our design and safety experts at SportsGraphics will discuss the benefits of our products and what sets us apart from the rest.

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What To Consider Before Buying Roll-Out Mats

Before you decide if you should purchase wall pads, roll-out mats, or other padding, there are a few things you should consider. Depending on the sport you are preparing for, the dimensions of your facility, the storage space you have available, and more, you can only get custom-sized pieces of equipment. Because of these reasons, you should contact our expert team at SportsGraphics to learn more about our services and what our products can do for your facilities. Here, our team will discuss some of the reasons for and benefits of roll-out pads, so you know more of what to expect.

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The Benefits of Roll-Out Mats

If your program requires a quick set-up and break-down before, during, or after matches, roll-out mats provide an efficient solution for creating a competitive setting and then returning a room back to its normal environment. Below, we outline the benefits of roll-out mats and how they can help your athletic program.

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The Benefits of Wrestling Roll Out Mats

Roll Out Mats offer a versatile and durable solution for high school gyms that want to provide adequate protection for their athletes. If your program requires a quick set-up and break-down before, during, or after matches, Roll Out Mats are perfect for providing an efficient transition from the mats to the floor.

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