For student athletes, many lessons can be learned on the court or in the heat of competition. Sporting events and gym classes are therefore a crucial part of your students’ education, but if you have just one gymnasium, it can be challenging to make it work for all types of athletic activities. Plus, it’s likely your gym must frequently and quickly transform back into a space suited for general PE classes, which means you might not want to install anything that would be hard to take down. So how do you provide a safe sporting environment for all different kinds of athletes?

SportsGraphics is here to help! We’re a Clarion, Iowa provider of school branding products and athletic facility padding. One space-changing solution we offer is the Roll Out Mat, a custom mat that’s easy to set up and tear down, allowing you to transform your gym and operate events with ease. Whether you need mats for wrestling, martial arts, or something else, our products can help you ensure your athletes are safe and your facility is easier to manage.

Benefits of Roll Out Mats

The Roll Out Mat by SportsGraphics is aptly named; it’s a protective mat that rolls out onto the ground. This allows a gymnasium to quickly be transformed into a space for wrestling or other floor activities, providing the shock absorption and cushion your athletes need to stay safe.

Roll Out Mats can help your school:

1.      Generate more interest in athletics. Because these mats are portable, they can be erected and torn down quickly to create a safe environment. This expands the extracurricular athletic opportunities your school is able to offer, allowing you to provide the benefits of sports for a broader group of students.

2.      Quickly change a space to suit your needs. If your gymnasium is hosting back-to-back tournaments in different sports, of course you don’t have time to do a complete renovation between them! Roll Out Mats create a quick and solid solution for the in-demand gym space, allowing your team to move seamlessly between student activities.

3.      Save money. Need to put more of your budget this year towards textbooks? You don’t need to sacrifice when it comes to your athletes’ safety. Roll Out Mats provide an affordable and versatile solution that will serve you well for years to come. Our mats are state-of-the-art, guaranteed to never shrink or harden during their lifespan, and retain their form through even the hardest collisions.

4.      Promote your school brand. We can make your Roll Out Mats match your school colors and are able to custom-print a variety of different graphics, including logos, mascots, specific fonts, donors, sponsors, and more. By implementing these graphics, you can enhance the atmosphere during competitions and increase brand awareness.

5.      Prevent the spread of germs. You won't have to worry about athletes contracting skin infections often seen with some wrestling mats. Roll Out Mats are protected with Bio-Pruf® for a clean and safe anti-microbial surface.

Whether you need a custom wrestling mat, a whole new look to your high school gym, or new field wall pads at a stadium, SportsGraphics does it all. As school branding experts, we’re here to provide you with high-quality, safety-ensuring mats that also foster school spirit. Give us a call now at 800-257-6405.