Whether you’re just replacing worn-out wall mats or completely overhauling things as part of a school branding procedure, new wall padding can brighten up your facility and keep your athletes safe. By investing in your school’s infrastructure, you’re also sending the message that you care about your students’ wellbeing, which can do great things for school spirit. No matter what angle you look at it from, new wall padding is certainly worth the investment.

Because wall padding can be a significant expense for a school budget, you should be responsible before buying and think over what exactly you’re looking to get out of your purchase. Not all wall mat vendors are created equal – as a renowned and reputable competitor in the market, SportsGraphics would know. When you ask the right questions though, it’s easy to spot a top-notch vendor.

Hold Your Wall Mat Vendor to the Highest Standards

The point of asking questions of your wall mat vendor is to determine their standards. As a school administrator who cares deeply about your students’ morale and welfare, you shouldn’t settle for any less than an answer that reflects a similar attitude. In other words, your wall mat vendor should hold student safety and rapport in as high a regard as you do.

You can determine if this is the case by asking the following:

●        What do your wall mats do to protect student safety? When you ask this question, your vendor should be able to reply with concrete numbers and results. For example, at SportsGraphics, we test all of our products for maximum protection. Standard wall pads are made with 2" thick foam and a 1/2" wood backer for a total of 2-1/2" thick. Custom foam thicknesses are available upon request.

●        What have you done to make sure your wall mats last? There’s no point in installing wall mats that succumb to the slightest mishap. At SportsGraphics, we only use high-quality plywood, foam, and vinyl that’s durable and long-lasting.

●        Can you sell me the look I want? Why settle for anything less than the exact aesthetic you’re looking for? At SportsGraphics, our designers can digitally print an existing design on your wall pads or create something new that will amaze you. All printing is done in-house, under the same roof that manufactures your pads. Whether you give us the colors, logos, fonts, and mascots you want on your wall pads or ask us to design them for you, we will ensure you get the look you need.

For over 30 years, SportsGraphics has been a leader in both quality and creativity for school branding and athletic facility padding. We’re a Clarion, Iowa team with experience working with countless schools, and we’d be thrilled to add yours to the list! Give us a call now at 800-257-6405.