School Makeover Guide

We've scoured the web, talked to teachers and principals, and brainstormed ideas you can use to improve your school on a budget. With a little imagination and some volunteer elbow grease, you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

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A Look at the Top 5 Wrestling Programs Facilities

Wrestling is in the blood of Iowans. Dan Gable, a long-time Iowa wrestling coach and former Olympian, explains his passion for wrestling here. Iowa’s NCAA wrestling program is always listed in the top five programs throughout the country. Iowa State often makes that list too. Oklahoma is another state that takes wrestling very seriously. Iowa’s Read More ».

The Transformation of Cardinal High School

We’re just Cardinal. That’s what students used to say about Cardinal High School. Six years ago, school spirit was low, students were opting out of the district, school leadership was experiencing conflict, Cardinal was listed as a persistent low-achieving school, state budget cuts were affecting Cardinal, and the community was discouraged. Parents wanted what was Read More ».

Thank You

Thanks again for your support in the We Are Cardinal project.  Check your email for updates!

Gym Wall Pads & Bleacher Enclosures Protect People

  37 years ago, Paul Simon released a song called “Slip Slidin’ Away.” It was a great recording, but it’s an awful sensation. Water, mud, snow, dust, wax, loose mats, and trash are just a few of the items that make gyms unsafe and cause slips and sliding. Don’t put your students and visitors at Read More ».


Next time you see Pro Wrestler John Cena throw an opponent into the padded guardrails in the WWE wrestling ring, don’t worry. Rest assured the opponent is being tossed against the highest quality wall padding available on the market made by yours truly.  SportsGraphics introduced its barricade padding at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view event in Read More ».