“Why would I want to cover up a window that lets in natural light?”

That might very well be the first question that pops into your head when the topic of window graphics is brought up as part of your school branding plan. We admit, at first glance, doing so might seem somewhat silly! Aren’t windows for seeing out of and letting warm daylight in? They help improve the ambiance of school halls and classrooms alike; why would the pros at rebranding a school stock such an apparently counterintuitive product?

Because window graphics are just as useful at creating a pleasant school atmosphere as are the windows themselves! They’re also a versatile, statement-making medium for conveying school branding messages, and they don’t even interfere with your windows’ original purpose!

Perforated Window Graphics: An Ambiance-Increasing School Branding Tool

The important thing to understand about window graphics: most of them are perforated, which means that they’re struck through with nearly imperceivable holes. This means that, even with the presence of decals, your big picture windows can still shed a ton of sunlight in the school halls.

Okay, so they don’t interfere with natural light—but how do window perfs, as they’re often known, actually boost your school’s brand and its beneficial effects?

Set the Mood

With inspiring words or a larger-than-life logo, you can set the tone for the day or the visit right at the front of your school. When window perfs are a facet of your school’s entrance, the first thing attendees see is some facet of your district’s mood-boosting style. How’s that for effective branding?

Inspire School Spirit

For younger children, recess is important for their health—but that doesn’t mean you can’t inspire school pride while they play! Window perfs visible from the playground can serve to help immerse students in your brand, fostering good feelings about your school and district.

Influence Behavior

Window graphics can actually help maintain commendable behavior when students are outside of the classroom. Whether it’s during track-and-field day or a mandatory fire drill, constantly reminding children of the institution they represent with window perfs encourages orderly conduct even when they’re not within school walls. A great brand on its own helps with this, but window perfs stretch its influence.

Contact SportsGraphics for High-Quality Window Decals

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