A few years ago, the media started reporting what many of us already knew: Concussions lead to all types of physical and mental problems. Although football has been a primary target over the last decade, concussions occur in a wide range of contacts and high-intensity sports on every level from little league to the professional league.


Concussions: A Growing Epidemics

Head traumas and concussions are becoming more frequent in young athletes. As competition intensifies year after year, the need to create safer environments in athletic facilities is more imminent.


Although companies such as SportsGraphics play their part in providing safe sports equipment, the issue coaches, players, sports organizations, the media, parents, and everyone else associated with athletic events should also be accountable.



Concussions have grown significantly over the last decade. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has confirmed that the number of concussion-related injuries in kids & teens age 8 to 19 has skyrocketed over the last ten years.


High School football accounts for a large portion of athletic concussions. Surprisingly, many injuries occur during team practice on the field. But football isn’t the only sport where concussions arise frequently. Hockey, baseball, soccer, volleyball, cycling, and other high impact sports may also be leading causes of concussions.


In many cases, there is not a physician present to assess the injury as it happens. Consequently, many young players shake off the injury, get back up, and continue playing. Neither the child, nor the coach, parents, or organization is aware of the injury until the second or third blow to the head. The more hits to the head an athlete sustains, the worse the problem becomes.


Identifying Concussions in Sports

According to Head Case, a national, parent-driven organization dedicated to protecting young athletes, concussions often go unreported or undetected. Boys football produces the highest number of concussions. Girls' soccer sees the second-most concussions of all high school sports. Girls’ basketball sees the third most.


In fact of all concussions nationwide, most accidents involve high school athletes in a wide range of sports. The average high school athlete will suffer two or more concussions in the same year - sometimes in the same season. Concussions affect player health and performance in sports such as football, ice hockey, soccer, basketball, softball, baseball, and volleyball.


Wall Padding: A Safe Solution for High-Intensity Athletics

SportsGraphics offers safe solutions for athletic competitions in a wide range of sports. Our wall padding, mats, and bleacher enclosures are designed to reduce impact to the head whenever an athlete slams into a wall. We also offer solutions for floor and equipment collision.


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