Branding a school isn't about selling the school or the kids who go there. It's about sharing the amazing experiences that happen on and around campus. Organizations, like people, develop their identity and personality based on the heritage they create and the culture they elevated when they collect and share positive experiences.


If branding is a high priority with your school administration, SportsGraphics can help you with all the tools you need to create excitement and energy in your school. To find out more, contact us today.

Your School’s Logo: The Cornerstone of Branding

The basis of branding your school is utilizing symbols that your students and faculty instantly recognize and connect with. A good starting point is maximizing the power of your school logo.


A logo is a symbol or emblem used to promote community recognition. A logo is the face or brand of a school. Because a logo carries so much significance, the task of promoting one becomes that much more important.


As you look around your campus, ask yourself where your school logo will have the greatest impact. Next, ask yourself what promotional tools you can use to highlight the logo. For instance, we can design custom banners of any shape and size to put on the walls, doorways, windows, and flooring around your facility.


If your logo is a symbol of pride in your school, then it needs to be at the center of your school branding.

School Colors

Colors have a psychological effect on people. Colors instantly create a mood and set the tone for how people feel as soon as they enter a building.


Wearing your school colors is always a fun experience that allows the entire student body to show off why they love their school. While some students simply wear attire, other students may go to the extreme by painting their bodies and cheering at games like there’s no tomorrow.


The simple fact is, school colors unite your entire campus. Just like logos, they become the centerpiece of brand recognition. SportsGraphics has several options for you to show off your school colors such as bleacher enclosures, floor mats, wall mats, wall graphics, window graphics, and step graphics.

Decorating Your Athletic Facility

There are many ways you can customize your facility’s products to display your brand. By printing on the products in your sports facility, you can increase the aesthetics of your facility, promote team spirit, improve loyalty, and raise awareness of your brand or organization.


Stadium or gym branding creates a fan experience unique to each venue, while also adding color and life to blank and boring concrete walls and empty spaces. When the students and fans enter the facility, they need to be blown away by logos, colors, and designs that boost pride and foster unity and strength among spectators. Wall, floor, bleacher, and step graphics all accomplish this goal.

Branding Products for Your School

If you are looking for a way to boost branding for your educational institution, contact SportsGraphics. We offer a wide range of products that you can use throughout your entire campus. We can custom design graphics according to your exact specifications.


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