Window Graphics Are Instant Attention Grabbers

Plain windows are forgettable. They make no first impression and leave no lasting impact. Sharp, creative window graphics, however, that display your school colors, logo or mascot spread out over the front of entry windows, classroom windows, or any other visible windows make an indelible impression.


An instant attention grabber is installing window perforations for exterior or interior use. You can use multiple side-by-side windows to break up the image without losing continuity. When all the windows are closed, the entire graphic comes together. They’re perfect when you want to turn heads at your school.


Window graphics also offer added security to your school, whether it’s the main entrance to your building or any other areas where you may want to enhance the security of your facility. Window graphics block the view to the inside but still allowing occupants to view the outside.

Window Graphics Make a Statement About School Culture

When your teachers and administrators demonstrate enthusiasm for their school, that type of energy spreads out across campus and throughout the community. Window graphics present numerous opportunities to make a statement about school pride and school culture.


It lets everybody know that there’s a sense of unity, family, and strength that everyone shares together. Window graphics allow you to communicate a message that people will relate to and appreciate.

Window Graphics Present Social Media Opportunities

Marketing and promotion are the very fabric that keeps parents and the community connected and excited about what is going on in your school. Also, there’s no better for promotion than social media.


If you are not posting photos or videos on your school’s SM site, consider this: 37% more followers will engage with your post if you add photos. What does this mean? You can use the graphics in your social media posts. Whether you are using the actual graphic file or taking pictures of a newly mounted graphic on the window, you are more likely to get a “That’s so cool!” response from viewers. Graphics is the ultimate marketing tool.

Window Graphics Go Viral

There’s a significant difference between school supporters and raving fans. Where your students, parents, and communities stand starts with your educational team and how far you are willing to go to get people talking.


Mediocre support efforts always produce mediocre engagement. When your windows, walls, gymnasiums, and classrooms project an untamable enthusiasm, however, people can’t help but spread the word throughout town.


Window graphics that are well designed, creative, and strategically placed can will generate chatter with everyone associated with your school.

Window Graphics Present Opportunities for Team-Building Activities

Any teacher or administrator can tell you that students who participate are students who appreciate. Window graphic displays present opportunities for students to be a part of the creative process by designing the graphics.


You can hold contests or engage students in a classroom activity. You may even want to get parents involved. When students get involved creatively in designing a window graphic, they understand why school decor is vital to student life.

Windows Graphics From SportsGraphics

If you are looking for an innovative and creative way to stimulate excitement and energy in your school, SportsGraphics has all the tools you need to enhance your school’s public image. We can customize and print your school design on banners, bleachers, walls, windows, and steps.


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