A unique idea for decorating your school’s bleachers outside or in the gym is to add school & team graphics that highlight your school colors, logo, or mascot.

Turn your plain brown or grey bleachers into a powerful branding platform with SportsGraphics’ bleacher step graphics! Many schools have found branding their facility helps to boost their programs image, school spirit, recruiting, team pride, and increase community engagement. Whether you are covering your bleachers in team colors or touting your school’s mascot or logo, bleacher step graphics can help you take your school branding to the next level.

Below are some ideas for applying the graphics to your bleacher steps.

●        Cover Your Bleacher Steps in School Colors

Plain colors can have a powerful effect on a gym a gym design. Try alternating your colors every other step. If you have bleachers on both sides of your gym, then cover one side with the darker color and the other side with a contrasting lighter color. You can also alternate the bleacher aisles to create a cool ‘checkerboard' effect. Regardless of how you design your bleachers, solid colors create a bold statement that energizes the crowd.

●        Accent the Colored Seats

If your gym has colored seats, adding a colored inlay on the steps will give the bleachers some depth and heighten the impact of the entire design. SportsGraphics can create bleacher graphics that span the whole step, top to bottom and side to side. We can add any color that will match the color of the bleacher seats. Instead of settling for a drab bleacher surface, take advantage of the dead space with an affordable solution.

●        Enlarged Lettering

Adorn the bleacher steps with big, bold letters that spell out the name of your school, your city, or your mascot. You have endless options for decorating your steps including solid colors or multi-colors. Spell out the name of your entire school or spread out the initials. You can add graphics to your current colors or embed them to create a complete design. Colored letters instantly invoke cheers from the stands.

●        Display Your School’s Logo or Mascot

Your school’s mascot is the embodiment of what your school is all about. The mascot is the recognizable symbol that brings crowds together for every game. Why not display the mascot on the steps of your school’s bleachers? You can add the mascot interchangeably with your school’s logos or lettering. It is the perfect accent to any design you already have in mind.

●        Add Graphics to All School Steps

Since you are adding step graphics, you may want to consider how they will look across your entire campus. Do a walk around and identify the main entrance or hall areas where students and visitors normally access your school’s gym. Our gymnasium step graphics are perfect for any interior steps in a school.

●        Promote Your School Through Social Media

Want to get your school’s student body and fans talking about your teams? We can print your school’s Facebook page name and/or Twitter and Instagram handles onto the step graphics, so spectators can easily engage on social media even during an event.

Sports Graphics for Your School

SportsGraphics offer all types of decor for your educational facility. From bleacher safety curtains, banners, and mats, to wall, window, and step graphics, we have everything you need to complete your school's design.

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