What is a school brand?


A brand is your organization’s persona. Although brands develop organically, such as the formation of social culture, eventually, an organization needs to take ownership of how their brand is projected and received in the collective consciousness, i.e., the public eye. Branding must hit people on various levels:


●        Intellectual. It makes logical sense.

●        Emotional. It triggers a certain feeling or connection.

●        Social. It brings people together for a common reason or purpose.


How does your institution connect with students/members, alumni, fans, or the public at large?


●        People feel welcome or part of a family (emotional).

●        The school is challenging and presents good programs and opportunities (intellectual).

●        The organization is supportive and fulfilling (social).

●        The organization is vibrant and full of energy (emotional).

●        The school is progressive, non-traditional, and unique (intellectual).


As you can see, presenting your organization on different levels is what attracts a wide range of people without losing the focus of your brand.

Combing Levels of Branding With Five Important Elements

As you design your bleacher safety enclosures, wall pads, mats, or window graphics, consider how the design reaches your audience on the levels we just discussed. Now, combine those levels with these elements below:

1. Inspire Your Organization

If you want your school’s brand to evoke positive associations with a particular demographic, you need to determine what inspires that demographic and spurs them into action. For instance, what is the X-Factor in your school colors that generates excitement during sporting events? How can you highlight those colors in your graphics?

2. Align Your Brand Identity with Your Organization’s Attributes

You want your organization to stand out. The best way to do that is to create a brand that reflects your school’s strengths, values, and mission, i.e., your school’s attributes. Aligning your brand with your attributes keeps your brand identity and message on target.

3. Stay Consistent on All Marketing Channels

With an organization as large as your school, staying consistent with brand messaging on all channels can be a challenge. Therefore, every member of your school must have a clear understanding of your brand without deviating from the core message.


Where does branding need to stay consistent?


●        Color schemes

●        Logos

●        Online and printed materials

●        Social media accounts

●        Multi-site campuses

●        Lettering and fonts

●        Mottos and catchphrases

●        Photos and videos

●        Graphics and banners

4. Tell Your School’s Story

Your organization is part of a much larger legacy with a distinguished history and unique story. Everyone associated with your school must feel they are a part of something much larger than themselves and that they are helping to write the history of the organization. You can continue the legacy by solidifying your schools’ reputation through strategic branding.

5. Research the Branding Strategies of Other Schools

What strategies are other schools utilizing that are establishing their brand? What are other schools doing that is destroying their brand? By doing a little research, you can quickly discover what is working and what needs work. Take the strategies that you like and incorporate them into your branding strategies in a way that makes sense to your organization.

Branding Solutions for Your School

At SportsGraphics, we offer a wide range of athletic products that can help you boost your school’s brand while providing a safe environment for your athletes. We offer wall padding, gym floor mats, wall graphics, bleacher safety enclosures, and custom banners.


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