Everyone loves the spirit and enthusiasm of a well designed gymnasium. It has been called the heartbeat of the school; the hub of the community.


Wall murals, traditionally are painted on the walls by artists on scaffolds dipping paintbrushes in reds and blues while bringing mascots to life one stroke at a time. SportsGraphics Inc. heard the concerns from school administrators who didn’t have the budgets for artists or capability to close off parts of the gymnasium for weeks or months at a time.


Introducing, Convenient Gym Murals (CGM) from SportsGraphics; the manufacturer of wall padding, and other gymnasium products designed for schools. CGM ‘s provide everything the traditional painted on wall mural does- with much less time, money and mess.


Convenient Gym Murals are designed from the desks of the graphics department at SportsGraphics and emailed to you for viewing and alterations. Once you and your school have decided on a design, the mural is printed. SportsGraphics has certified installers throughout the country that will come to your school and put up the mural in an afternoon.The mural is a thin graphic film that is applied with heat to any surface. It is graffiti resistant and appears to “painted on,” so there are no corners to be tampered with.