37 years ago, Paul Simon released a song called “Slip Slidin’ Away.” It was a great recording, but it’s an awful sensation. Water, mud, snow, dust, wax, loose mats, and trash are just a few of the items that make gyms unsafe and cause slips and sliding.


Don’t put your students and visitors at risk. Make sure your gym is a clean, well-lit, and safe place.


Indoor wall padding, gym wall pads, and bleacher padding are two ways you can provide protection in your gym. SportsGraphics offers a wide selection of gymnasium wall padding products.


At six feet tall and 12 feet wide, Ulta-Mats gym wall pads cover the entire lane area with 2 ½ inch high impact foam. In addition to providing a protective surface, Ulta-Mats also serve as a visual focal point. They can be customized with your school colors and mascot and they will provide the exact coverage you need.


But don’t stop with the lanes. You can also cover gym columns, corners, walls, scorer’s tables, and stages with our durable and digitally printed wall padding. If you can think of a hard, sharp surface, SportsGraphics can provide a protective solution.


Bleacher enclosures are another great way to provide both beauty and safety to any gym area. You may remember running under and around the bleachers when you were little, but it’s really not a safe thing to do. Our heavy-duty vinyl enclosures—printed with your school colors, sponsors or mascots—prevent just this type of mischief!


Now that you’ve covered up any potential dangerous spots, it’s time to consider other solutions to keep your gym safe and sparkling.



• Playing offense is often the best defense. The danger of falling on a waxy, slick gym floor is very real. Place heavy-duty doormats at every exit and entrance to your gym. You may also wish to place rubber-backed runners inside the gym as a backup measure. If people still track in mud and snow, make sure your school maintenance workers, teachers, or volunteers are on hand to wipe the messes away. Better yet; teach your students to clean up after themselves.


• Covering your gym floor when it’s not being used for sporting events just makes good sense. A thick gym tarp will protect the floor during pep rallies, choir concerts, and everyday foot traffic.

• Mopping with a dry mop several times a day is a tried and true remedy to clean up dirt and grime.


If you are looking for wrestling mats for your gym check out our products page!


• Replacing A/C filters on a regular schedule will reduce dirt, mold, and dust. Filters should be replaced every several months.

Finally, recognize that you don’t have to break the bank to maintain a safe gym. A few enhancements and diligent cleaning will make your gymnasium a safe and welcoming place.