We all love a good dare—the one-minute handstand, the crank phone call to a complete stranger, or even eating a spoonful of cinnamon powder.


How about this one: an absolute amateur shooting a basketball from a 37-story skyscraper to a goal on one end of a basketball court 450 feet below on the first try. All of this was captured on video, with absolutely no camera tricks, in a televised impromptu show on a major television network during prime time.


That’s exactly the kind of shenanigans you’d expect from Dude Perfect, the Texas-based sports entertainment group that regularly posts videos on YouTube. The group consists of twins Coby and Cory Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney, all of whom are former high school basketball players and college roommates at Texas A&M University.

Never Let a Good Shot Go To Waste

Dude Perfect was conceived on a sandwich bet in Toney’s backyard. The guys dared each other to see who could make the most insane basketball trick shots. The shots were captured on video and released on YouTube. The first received 200,000 views, and the second video would eventually go on to garner over 18 million views. Eventually, the trick shots and other outlandish stunts caught the attention of ESPN. The sports network featured Dude Perfect on First Take, Pardon the Interruption, Around the Horn, and SportsNation.


From there, Dude Perfect has been wreaking havoc and building an empire that consists of one-third athletic feats, one-third satire, and one-third charity fundraisers—oh, and a Panda mascot.


Over the years, Dude Perfect has worked with an endless lineup of professional athletes and celebrities to raise money for various charities, such as Compassion International. Notables include actor Paul Rudd, singer Tim McGraw, driver Dale Earnhardt, Jr., New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, tennis player Serena Williams, and singer Luke Bryan.


Protecting the Dudes at Their DPHQ2 Facility

SportsGraphics partnered with Dude Perfect to install wall padding in their new DPHQ2 facility. The idea was to create and design custom wall padding that boosted their brand while reducing the risk of injury. The newly padded walls protect the group from injuries while completing the interior design of their gymnasium.


According to Dude Perfect co-founder Coby Cotton, the group was particular about finding the right wall padding company to keep the boys safe.


“We didn’t trust anyone except for SportsGraphics to make our safe wall pads. We really appreciate it and look forward to many safe years in the DPHQ2,” said Cotton.

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