In today’s digital age, it takes a lot to get and keep a student’s attention. Students are surprised by little and not nearly as easy to impress. However, the rules of design are still the same. What grabbed people’s attentions thirty years ago still grabs their attentions today, regardless of their age.


So, how do you get your student’s attention with wall graphics? Understand the psychology of design.

Keep Your Design Clean and Highly Focused

Every famous painter who ever lived in history understood the most basic concept in painting: establish a focal point. The same holds true in photography, architecture, music, and even in the theater. So, understand the core psychology of design, which is also the most basic concept.


If you want to capture someone’s attention, don’t give them a reason to be distracted from the focal point of your design. Keep your layout clean and leave no doubt as to what you want your students to look at.

Make Your Design Compelling

The most famous works of art in any discipline always convey a clear, powerful message that invokes thought and principle. Even students can appreciate an inspiring image or a thought-provoking message. So, try to think of words, phrases, and terms that would appeal to your students and make them want to move forward.


Compelling also implies that you are in touch with your audience. What may be compelling to you is not necessarily meaningful to others. If you are trying to connect with your audience, make sure you bridge the gap with your message. Otherwise, nobody may understand what it is you are trying to say.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take Chances

If you feed your students pizza every single day, eventually, they’ll start bringing their own lunches. Likewise, if you keep doing the same thing every time with your wall graphic designs, then your students will find inspiration elsewhere (likely, somewhere on their phone).


So don’t be afraid to take some chances. Don’t just make a statement. Rather, make a BOLD statement—something that jars your students and wakes them up from the slumber of the norm. Challenge your students and make them ask, “Hey, has anybody seen that thing on the wall?”

If you take chances, you are likely to fail in a big way; OR, you are likely to have a huge success and get students talking.

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