Next time you see Pro Wrestler John Cena throw an opponent into the padded guardrails in the WWE wrestling ring, don’t worry. Rest assured the opponent is being tossed against the highest quality wall padding available on the market made by yours truly. 


SportsGraphics introduced its barricade padding at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view event in Minneapolis, Minnesota on February 23, 2014.


Our solid black padding surrounds the entire wrestling ring and is now used at all WWE live events. The sturdy stuff provides a new level of safety, with its custom-sized vinyl and squared edges.


WWE superstars are used to a life of hard knocks. They’re routinely thrown onto steel steps and corner posts. They’re accustomed to having chairs slammed onto their heads and backs on a nightly basis. So being tossed into the new SportsGraphics’ barricade padding should be like a walk in the park.



These sleek new pads are constructed with ¾” plywood backing and 2” open cell foam over the top. The foam and plywood is then covered by heavy-duty 18 oz. vinyl. SportsGraphics’ pads are professionally installed with Velcro attachments, replacing the previous sharp-edged (ouch!) bracket system.


SportsGraphics is also pleased to announce the introduction of our roll out mats for WWE WrestleMania 30. The event happened on Sunday, April 6 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.


You’ll notice the 1,500 square feet of SportsGraphics’ lightweight and impact tested wrestling mats covering the concrete floor between the wrestling ring and the padded barricades. Just like the padded barricades, our roll out mats will be used at all future WWE live events.


Those big mean wrestlers make everything look rough and tumble. SportsGraphics knows our products can take a beating and still provide a spot for much softer landings.


If you are a school looking for competition mats you are in the right place, just hop on over to our wrestling page, otherwise, if you are looking for personal wrestling mats check out our Roll Out Mat Wrestling Mats.