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Column and Corner Rollout Mats

Column & Corner Pads

SportsGraphics offers a wide range of column and corner padding to fit all of your gym padding needs. Column and corner pads are offered in a variety of colors and dimensions, plus they can be plain or printed. Columns and corners can be deceptively dangerous, so our custom padding options provide value by preventing injuries from collisions with these areas.

Rollout Wrestling Mats for Schools and Tournaments

Wrestling Mats

The Roll Out Mat by SportsGraphics, has burst onto the scene as the logical choice for MMA gyms across the country, as their go-to floor mat. With the Roll Out Mat, you're getting superior craftsmanship from the heartland and premium quality for your athletes.

The Roll Out Mat is lightweight, durable, easy to clean, and comes with an industry leading 5-year warranty. Available in a variety of sizes, colors and graphic options, the Roll Out Mat is truly customizable in every sense of the word.

Made of durable 24-ounce vinyl, our wrestling mats offer superior grip and protection for athletes, and meet all standards by passing all impact testing with flying colors. All Roll Out Mats are protected with Bio-Pruf for a clean and safe anti-microbial surface.

Custom Wall Padding

Custom Wall Padding

Digital print wall pads from SportsGraphics will simply amaze! As the first to print on wall pads, we've now perfected the process. Our digitally printed wall pads are the same top-quality wall pads that you would expect; 2" firm polychloroprene latex, open cell foam cushioning, 7/16" OSB backing and 14 oz. vinyl , which is covered by a leather-like embossed pattern. We can make cutouts for electrical outlets, door handles, or any other obstruction along the wall. A one-inch nailer lip at the top and bottom of each pad allows for easy installation.

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MMA Mats