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Ultimate School Makeover Guide

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Transforming Your School On a Budget

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Brand new schools are beautiful. They’re light and bright; they’re full of possibility.

You can smell the new carpeting and floor wax, touch the bright and shiny surfaces, stand inside the gleaming new gym, and sense the school pride and excitement.

Here’s a look at the numbers:

Building a new school is an expensive proposition, no matter where you live. In Texas, for example, the construction costs for elementary and middle schools run $149 per square foot (or $19,000 per student), while high schools cost taxpayers $163 per square foot (or nearly $27,000 per student).

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In Virginia, the cost of building an elementary school in 2013 averaged $256 per square foot. In Washington state, the average cost of new construction was $275.95 (exhibit C).

wall padding for highschools make a gym look brand new

Many people will never attend or teach at a brand new school. That’s why SportsGraphics decided to share ideas for improving the look and feel of your current school building. We have been making wall padding for schools across the nation and we always hear how our wall pads make the school brand new. Since we are in the business of making schools look brand new, we thought we would share our expertise on other ways besides wall paddingthat turn your school into a brand new campus without the expensive construction costs.

In the absence of construction dollars or renovation funds, many districts are using creative approaches to renovate and retrofit school buildings without spending taxpayer dollars.

Students, parent and neighborhood volunteers, and teachers—all who share the right can-do attitude and willingness to work—can help transform any school from drab to fab.

At SportsGraphics, we’re always pleased when customers tell us that our wall pads and graphics make their school look and feel new.

We hope you enjoy the dozens of ideas we’ve prepared for our Ultimate School Makeover Guide. We’ve scoured the web, talked to teachers and principals, and brainstormed ideas you can use to improve your school on a budget. With a little imagination and some volunteer elbow grease, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.


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One great place to start your makeover process is outside the building. Does your school have any unused green space? If so, find a teacher or ask some parent volunteers to plan a school vegetable garden. Then get the students involved.

"When we started our garden program, garden time quickly became the most anticipated 45 minutes of the week," says Clair Frost, a teacher in Camino, California, as quoted in The National Gardening Association.

School gardens teach students about science and nutrition and beautify the school grounds. And after their “crops” grow, students can either take home the healthy food or donate their vegetable to the homeless.

“Our school was fortunate to receive a grant from the local Hy-Vee grocery store to help us build and maintain a vegetable garden during our summer

daycare program,” said Jodi Jonasson, a school development director in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. “The students planted, cared for, and harvested the produce. The real fun came when they were able to use the fresh produce to make a snack!”

Flower gardens are another way to beautify school grounds on a budget. As with vegetable gardens, students will learn about different plants and flowers and take pride when their seeds bloom. Elementary students can begin with small butterfly gardens.

Some middle school and high school students—with help from carpentry and woodworking teachers—may be able to build raised wooden platforms or design rock walkways to create more elaborate garden designs, like the one pictured to the right in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

But don’t stop at gardening; branch out. Planting a free tree (or two) on your campus is an amazing way to improve the look of your school and make a lasting difference in our ecosystem. In a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, the Project Plant It! Is one program that teaches students about the importance of trees and how to care for them. On the left, Richmond, Virginia students plant a tree through Project Plant It!

The National Wildlife Federation offers a Trees for Wildlife program that teaches students how to plant and take care of trees. On the west coast, Million Trees LA provides free trees throughout Los Angeles. Check with your city officials or state forestry department about free trees in your location.


school parking lot ideas

Now that you have shade, cleaning and freshening your parking lot is another space that can make a big impact for very little money. While asphalt and repaving can be expensive, anyone can grab a paintbrush and paint the curbs and parking spaces.

Hawaii has a unique program for sprucing up its public schools. Since 2001, the 3 R’s—repair, remodel, and repair our schools—initiative has worked with the Department of Education and other community stakeholders to beautify Hawaii’s public schools. Though they receive funding through a check off on their state tax form, you can tap into the power of volunteers for sweat equity—and the generosity of local business owners for paint supply donations—to do the same work at your school.

ultimate guide to give your school a makeover on a small budget

Once you’ve painted the parking lot stripes, do you have any paint remaining? What about re-painting the school flagpole or the benches or the school mailbox or the fences? Paint can make anything look fresh and new.


creative ideas to use a small budget on a school

Don’t overlook even the smallest features. Trashcans can either be ugly or they can show school spirit and pride. Trick out your trash cans by painting them, decorating them, or adding to them.

Get students involved by hosting a trashcan decorating contest. Why stop outside? Have students decorate the waste bins inside the building too. We all need trash cans; why not make them fun and whimsical like these cans below painted by elementary students in Kentucky?

creative budgeting strategies to use for your school


avoid construction costs for your school with these ideas

While you’re still outside, look up. What’s the condition of your school roof? Could some simple repairs help it last another season or two? Could you apply for solar programs or rebates? What if you could do one thing to make your roof more fuel-efficient? What’s the trick? Paint. Simply by painting your roof white, you can reduce your school energy bills by up to 40%. It’s called geoengineering and it really works.

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According to the White Roof project, in addition to looking cool, a white roof will

  • Reflect the sun’s rays
  • Reduce smog
  • Keep rain cool
  • Save electricity

Now that you’ve freshened up the exterior of the school, it’s time to work your way inside and begin creative interior renovation projects.

branded wall padding for gyms


custom wall pads

When you enter a school building, what’s the first thing you notice? For many people, it’s the walls and the gym. If what you see is old and dull paint, you might wonder about school spirit and morale. But, if instead, you see fresh paint, custom wall padding with the school mascot, and student artwork and awards—no matter how old the building—you probably get a much different first impression.

So what about those walls?

Just as you did in the parking lot, grab some paint and start painting. The brighter and glossier the color, the brighter the mood you’ll create. Now visitors will feel welcome when they enter your school.

“Our school spruced up the hallways and classrooms over the summer with fresh paint. The labor was all donated by parent volunteers,” said Connie Powell, a teacher from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. “The minimal cost of the paint makes the walls look a thousand percent better, and it is always great to start a new school year with freshly painted walls!”

But why stop at just one color? You can paint a rainbow of colors throughout your school like this Parisian kindergarten did.

Show your school spirit by displaying your mascot. Consider investing in a few long-lasting wall graphics for your hallways, lockers and public areas. SportsGraphics offers custom-designed murals and graphics that can be applied to any surface. Stucco? Brick? Concrete? No problem. Our digital graphic film adheres to them all.

Wall Padding with Graphics

"The graphics (SportsGraphics) installed in the middle school are amazing. Thank you for providing beautiful and inspiring artwork in our school. The comments are so positive,” said Superintendent Dr. Robert Olson, of Clarion, Iowa.

custom wall graphics for schools

For younger grades, try to find a very talented artist (maybe your school’s art teacher?) and ask him or her to paint bright murals on school walls that bring to life characters from books. Not only will your walls look great, you’ll be demonstrating that you value literacy and literature.

“My school has allowed National Honor Society students to paint murals to brighten up the school. It counted toward their service hours,” said Susan Slagle-Boyd, a teacher in Storm Lake, Iowa.

Student artwork is always an appealing way to brighten the walls and halls of your school. Encourage each teacher to decorate the entry area every few weeks to keep things fresh and lively. Students love checking out what others have created and will be engaged the minute they walk in the doors.

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One way to boost school spirit is to prominently display student awards and accomplishments. Sports trophies, science fair projects, academic recognition, athletic jerseys, student photography and artwork, and other tangible projects are wonderful items to share with students and visitors who come to your building.

You don’t need fancy shelves or expensive cabinetry to make the most of your school’s milestones. This simple award case costs less than $100 on eBay:

ideas to boost school spirit

If you’d like something custom built for your school, enlist the help of volunteer carpenters in elementary schools or woodworking students in high school and ask them for ideas and help.

Your local Habitat for Humanity Restore or Goodwill store offers quality second-hand furniture and building materials. Can your volunteers re-purpose or recycle furniture to display school awards? Could they build or install wall-mounted shelves in the school entryways? Can someone from the community build or donate a trophy shelf for your school?


creative ideas to boost school spirit

Make it easy for people to find your school office. Again, ask your parents and teachers to pitch in. Can they craft simple wooden signs designating the front office, the gym, or teacher’s rooms? Anything they create will make your school a more welcoming place. The signs don’t have to be fancy, just bright and helpful like this one.

school wall padding with wall graphics

Another idea is to paint directions directly on the floor. You can use a directional compass sign, an arrow pointing to the gym, or different colored paths to lead people where they need to go. For a bit of fun, you can list the miles to specific places in the world like Paris and London … or even the local 7-11! You might even want students to “follow the yellow brick road.” Let your imagination be your guide and let your paint be your inspiration.

Stencils and rub-on decals are two other inexpensive ways to personalize your school. Whether you use them in the hallway or in the front office, they can tell visitors a lot about the environment of your school. A simple “Welcome to our school” stencil is a great way to greet people.

wall graphics for school walls

Stencils are a great visual to display above doorways. For less than $10 and 10 minutes, you can add a nice farewell over your school exit, which says “Have a great day” or “Thanks for visiting our school.”


ideas to brand your school with custom wall padding

If you don’t already have one, think about adding a seating area or student lounge in your school. Both visitors and students can take advantage of this space during the day.

Consider making this a student-sponsored contest. Use the winning student design to set up the new area.

Ask for businesses to donate pieces for the school or purchase inexpensive furniture from consignment stores or big warehouses. Buy some beanbags and affordable end tables. Then get to work personalizing your seating areas. With a little elbow grease and creativity, you can transform trash to treasure like the chair below:

ideas schools have used to save costs

Tap volunteers who can paint wooden furniture or who can reupholster sofas couches, and chairs. Ask a design expert to help you configure the space and add lighting. You don't need to spend much to make a difference.

From wall padding to chairs, these two parts of a school are incredibly important for school spirit and branding as they are seen by staff and students every single day. When you think of it that way, it pays off to make these 2 common things we take for granted a top focus for branding a school.


high school wall padding ideas

Once your hallway walls are up to snuff, look around at the lighting in your building. Are lights missing or flickering? Is your school dark and dingy? Not only is that depressing, it’s dangerous. Students and staff need proper lighting to do their work.

Don’t ever try electrical work yourself; always hire a qualified electrician.

Simple fixes—like upgrading to better bulbs or adding more fixtures—can make a world of difference in brightening your school and your mood. If your budget allows, consider installing sustainable and motion detection lighting systems. These are a great way to conserve electricity.

adding custom wall graphics to school hallways

Floor and task lamps are another option. Whether you wish to add light to a seating area, an office, or a classroom, you can find great deals on lamps in thrift shops and discount warehouses. With a little creativity and tender loving care, you can decorate the lamp and the shade to be a one-of-a-kind treasure.


how to boost school spirit for your school

If you have an older school, you may not have central air conditioning. The price tag for installing an HVAC system and ductwork is prohibitive for many districts.

Depending on where you live, the lack of central air may make things uncomfortable for several days or several weeks.

It’s tough for both teachers and students to concentrate when it’s sticky and hot. It’s also difficult to be productive and make the most out of the school day.

It’s time to bring cool to your school!

Don’t suffer through the heat. Do as one Illinois school did and create your own DIY (do it yourself) air conditioning system. Using money from the school’s parent teacher organization, each unit was created for just about $30. Genius!

diy school craft projects

Here’s a simple how to video using just an ice chest, PVC pipe, a fan and ice. You’ll notice you can even switch from battery to solar panel to be more sustainable. There are many other ways to create cooler temps at your school. Google homemade air conditioners or use Pinterest for more ideas.

Now that you’ve made it easier for everyone to concentrate, you can focus on making the rest of the school more visually appealing, clean, and bright.


wall pads

If you’re lucky, your school has lots of natural bright light. No matter how many windows you have, make sure they sparkle. Schedule a volunteer spring cleaning to polish windows until they gleam.

Say bye-bye to bare windows.

If your hallway or classroom windows are older or damaged—and replacing them is not an option—consider dressing them up to bring out their best features. Decorate your windows and use them to inspire learning and creativity for your students, no matter what their age.

Here are just a few DIY window ideas. You can use:

  • Wool and contact paper to make different shapes.
  • An old map to take the place of a blind.
  • Tissue paper stained glass decorations.
  • Lace fabric applied with cornstarch for privacy.
  • Washable window paints to mark each new season.
  • A curtain rod to display student artwork.
  • Autumn leaves to decorate the glass.
  • Ribbons and fabric to add color and personality.
  • Pinecones threaded to cord or ribbons hanging down.
  • CD’s strung on cords to create rainbows in the light.
  • Encourage students to come up with other ideas for decorating the windows. What’s one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Collect items from homes and recycle them to create amazing window art.
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wall pads for gyms

Two of the most important components of gymnasiums are proper lighting and safety. These are not areas where you want to scrimp. Hire a qualified electrician to retrofit or install new lighting throughout the gym. Be certain your students and athletes can see. The next is safety, which is all about having quality wall pads or wall padding throughout the gym. Depending on your budget, you can get really creative with investing in wall padding for your gym with adding multiple colors and school logos.

Wall Padding for Gyms are Protect sharp edges and hard materials.

Concrete walls, hardwood flooring, bleachers, cabinets, doors, and gym equipment are just a few of the potentially dangerous places for students. This is not an area for D-I-Y projects. Student safety is too important. Lucky for you, we make the highest quality wall padding in the market.

You don’t have to be a large school to be able to afford (SportsGraphics) wall pads,” said Principal Michael Krueger of Eagle Grove, Iowa. “Our community is really proud of what we have here and it gives a great first impression to our district thanks to SportsGraphics."

SportsGraphics offers everything you need for superior gym wall padding. We’re so serious about the quality of our product that we’ve conducted research on reducing concussions. Our pads are made with ½” thick OSB, 3″ high impact foam.

gym wall padding prevents concussions

Schools know they must provide safe facilities for their athletes from adding wall padding for gyms, stage pads, and even bleachers.

At SportsGraphics, we’re pleased to be part of the solution. Our tests found that our 3” foam wall pads provide superior protection against concussions compared to the standard 2 inch. We pride ourselves in making the best gym wall padding that looks and great and protects your students!

wall padding for gym

We custom design and manufacture protective gym wall padding products to fit any space you request. All our wall padding is constructed from heavy-duty vinyl with stainless steel staples and is easy to install.

Use our wall padding products on bleachers, scoring tables, columns, and corners for extra protection.

Bleacher enclosures are a great way to provide added safety and spruce up your gym. Once they’re installed, they’re designed to stay put. The durable vinyl product simply opens and closes with the bleachers. What could be simpler?

In addition to adding a splash of color and school spirit, affordable custom bleacher skirts from SportsGraphics offer added protection to your gym. They cover sharp edges and prevent young spectators from running under and around the busy bleachers.

Don’t scrimp on wall or gym padding. Invest in quality. Invest in durability. Invest in safety.

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padding products for walls in schools

Teachers have long known about making (usually their own) decorating dollars go farther. From displaying artwork to bringing in plants and pets, teachers want their classrooms to be warm and inviting spaces where students are eager to learn.

Chalkboards may be a thing of the past, but imagine adding a retro touch by painting one wall with special chalkboard paint. You could use the board for assignment reminders, book recommendations, quotes, or to encourage students to write something they learned that day. Chalkboard paint costs just $10-$15 per can and it can really liven up a room. Throw in some colored chalk and let your students begin decorating!

wall mats for schools
wall pads for schools

Blogger Karin Katherine used chalkboard paint to jazz up a door. Teachers could do the same to welcome students to their classroom.

wall mats for gyms

You can even use chalkboard paint directly on tables and then mask around the edges with duct tape. Students will enjoy being able to doodle and write notes at these tables.

Don’t overlook the difference some simple fabric can make in a classroom. This clever teacher—from foreverinfifthgrade.blogspot—selected some bright and cheerful material and created a fabric skirt around her desk. She said it not only covered up clutter, but it gave the appearance of a brand new space.

wall mats for gymnasiums

Other teachers have used wrapping paper to decorate dingy bookshelves, mounted board games on the wall, or strung book jacket covers in reading areas. The Internet is full of creative and crafty ideas for brightening your classroom for very little money. Check out these 36 quick and easy ideas for inspiration.

There’s plenty to renovate on the floor and walls of your classroom, but have you ever considered setting your goals a bit higher?

Even though Chemistry teacher Scott Byrum was fortunate enough to have a renovated classroom, he thought he’d take it a notch farther. The Higden, Alabama teacher decided to look up for inspiration. He installed—a la Breaking Bad style—ceiling tiles containing the periodic elements. His reason?

“Unless I can keep my classroom …exciting, I will lose the students in a matter of moments. This periodic table on the ceiling almost engages their minds visually like a game,” said Byrum.

For some truly “epic” classroom decorating ideas, check out these images curated by Buzzfeed. Inspired? Yep. We are too.

ideas for classroom school spirit


basketball gym padding

Younger students need time to relax and run in between lessons. Regular playground workouts actually improve attention span and learning, according to Edutopia.com. In addition to your gym, make sure your school playground is in tip-top shape.

Apply for grants to purchase new equipment. Companies like Lowe’s and State Farm Insurance are good places to begin. You can also reach out to organizations like PeacefulPlaygrounds.com and Play and Park Structures for playground funding.

basketball gym pads

If you want to spruce up what you already have in place, recruit parent and community volunteers to help improve your playground. Like an Amish barn raising, the more hands you have on deck for schoolyard improvements, the faster the process will be.

Volunteers can paint equipment, weed, pick up litter, tighten nuts and bolts, repair swings, and plant flowers. With very little money, they can replace old basketball nets, spread mulched tires for playground surfacing, freshen up softball mounds, add stone pavers, and even install a bench or two.

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Our skilled team of designers know that in the world of gym mats and impact protectors, there is a difference between quality pads and a wall mat that was designed to last two years as well as safety padding and padding never intended to endure a single impact. There are pads made to sustain the environment and pads backed with a "wood-like" compost that rots in moisture. When we put our name on our pads we are confirming our mission; to conscientiously design superior padding for today's athletes. We're only interested in manufacturing the best gym wall pads and other protective products.

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SportsGraphics knows that although padding serves a protective purpose, it can be an impressively aesthetic focal point. SportsGraphics isn't just about dependable, quality padding, we're also designers, making cutting-edge designs for all kinds of graphics, mascots, and sponsorships. Our design team captures your vision and always gives complimentary graphics to show you different design possibilities for your facility.

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Because SportsGraphics has been in business for 27 years, we find that going beyond what our clients expect is our biggest thrill. We love the feedback we receive and gain momentum to be even better. We are excited to be able to offer the shortest lead time in the industry, and we are proud to be able to lower prices when our resourcefulness through constant improvement pays off. As a result we have thousands of happy clients; field managers, contractors, and athletic directors among others, that we maintain relationships with. And that really is what we are all about.

"SportsGraphics, Inc. did a fantastic job of making our wrestling room look great again. The personnel are extremely knowledgeable, very efficient, and easy to work with. They provided us with a high quality product at a very fair price." Tony Norton, Iowa Falls High School