As winter rages on, so does the indoor sports season—hopefully in a good way for your district! At SportsGraphics, we sincerely hope that your athletes have had a productive season full of growth, fun, and most importantly, safety.

Aside from knowing the symptoms of concussive injury, as we covered in our blog post on the subject “Recognizing the Symptoms of Concussive Injury,” school administration can do quite a bit for their students in terms of safety by investing in extra wall padding for their indoor teams. Below, SportsGraphics, your Clarion provider of pads for gym walls and more, discusses a few athletic pursuits that can benefit from a little extra padding this season below.


SportsGraphics is proud to provide wall mats specifically for volleyball teams. But why, you may ask, does a non-contact sport need this added protection? There is often little benefit to coming into contact with one’s own teammates and knocking them off balance in this sport. Shouldn’t that be enough to discourage dangerous play?

In truth: not always! Volleyball is high-energy and high-octane, involving lots of racing around the gym with a singular point of focus: the ball. While this might make for an exciting spectator sport, it’s very easy for the young player—or even the seasoned, professional one!—to forget where they’re going and crash into teammates or poles. Digging it is one thing, but impact is another, and can result in serious injury. Column padding and more can help reduce this potential.


Few sports involve more unbridled force than wrestling! While there of course are safety measures put in place for the sake of athletes’ wellbeing and fair play, it's unarguable that this sport involves a lot of shoving, bracing, and strength—strength that’s all too easy to lose control of in the heat of the moment.

Comprehensive gym wall padding can help both your own athletes and competitors get the most out of their matches by preventing injury, giving them the opportunity to wrestle another day.


If your school is lucky enough to have a gymnastics area, you know all too well the intense training that goes on there. And as gymnasts get more advanced and their routines more complicated and quick, the potential for concussive injury dramatically increases. Keep some of your school’s most dedicated athletes healthy and strong with gymnasium padding.

SportsGraphics: Here to Help Ensure the Safety of Your Athletes

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