Your sports facility should always be looking towards the future not only in practice, but also in design and upkeep. A school athletic space that falls behind the times and becomes irrelevant in the eyes of athletes, students, and fans loses a substantial chunk of its attendance-based income. Not to mention, it does the district it represents a great deal of disrespect.

SportsGraphics, your Clarion provider of school branding services and memorabilia, has a few tips for keeping your school’s athletic facility on the cutting edge this year.

Adaptability Is the Name of the Game

It’s no secret that the Coronavirus has required that districts everywhere seek new ways to up their sports-related income. When game attendance and participation might be reduced, stepping up in other areas becomes paramount.

And that’s what we mean by adaptability: rethinking and reusing the spaces you already have.

Consider repurposing a current gym or field to suit a variety of sports, which will allow for your school to broaden its money-making potential, as well as provide more opportunities for your student athletes. Imagining how a space might be suited for community use— like how the track and field team’s running lanes could be used for a morning jogging club—can also boost revenue.

Take Advantage of Digital Opportunities

Though it might be possible to increase in-person spectating soon, the Coronavirus has led to more fans becoming familiar with digital channels for news and updates from their favorite teams. If anything, increasing your facility’s online presence as a whole via news bulletins and the like can only augment both fan participation and, potentially indirectly, your program’s income.

Fostering Unity With Branded Products Is Always In Style

But it is now more than ever. Fans and athletes are looking for a space they can feel unified in, where they can feel connected to one another yet safe.

While proper sanitation procedures can take care of safety to some extent, branded products can cater to both angles. They show that fans and players that your facility is a safe and inspiring space, where they’re part of something bigger than themselves.

●        Custom wall pads prevent concussive injury while creating heart-pounding ambiance.

●        Bleacher enclosures keep fans where they’re supposed to be while fostering audience excitement.

●        Stair graphics help stop tripping by drawing the eye while making use of every brand-boosting space possible.

SportsGraphics: Your School Branding Pros

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