At SportsGraphics, our design and safety experts are the best of the best and offer our own customized roll-out mats for wrestling, martial arts, and more. Through our own independent testing, use the safest Roll-out mats on the market. Additionally, our custom wrestling mats are easy to set up and tear down, which allows you to operate events with ease. Here, our design and safety experts at SportsGraphics will discuss the benefits of our products and what sets us apart from the rest.

Benefits of Roll-Out Mats

There are a variety of benefits that come with using the roll-out mats we custom make at SportsGraphics, some of which include:


●        Lasting Durability

At SportsGraphics, we are constantly evolving and improving our products through our own independent research. Our roll-out mats are designed to absorb enough shock to reduce the chance of injuries for your athletes. Our mats are state-of-the-art and retain their form through even the hardest collisions.

●        Easy to Set Up and Clean Up

Roll-out Mats are more efficient than tile mats because they don’t have to be attached on each side. Roll-out mats are simple to roll out and clean up before and after each match or competition. Whether you choose mats that are separated into three individual pieces or whole mats, they can be easily adjusted and realigned, which is much simpler than tile mats. These mats are easy to unwind and roll back up, which creates much needed ease when setting up for an event or cleaning up from an event.

●        Custom Design Abilities

At SportsGraphics, our team can custom-print a variety of different graphics onto your wrestling mats. Not only can we make the mats match your school colors, but we can print logos, mascots, specific fonts, donors, sponsors, and more onto the mats. By implementing these graphics, you can enhance the atmosphere during competitions and increase brand awareness.

●        Superior Construction

As we are constantly doing our own testing and research, we constantly update our materials to ensure the safety of your athletes. Unlike other mats, ours are guaranteed to never shrink or harden during their lifespan. No matter if you are using your mats for wrestling, martial arts, or something else, we know our products will help you operate a successful operation.

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If you are looking for the safest wrestling mats on the market, as well as the easiest to maintain and set up and tear down, contact SportsGraphics today. Our safety and design experts will help you ensure your athletes are safe, and your facility is easier to manage. Additionally, we can print custom graphics onto your mats to enhance brand awareness at your athletic facility. To learn more about SportsGraphics’ custom Roll-out mats or to request a quote, give us a call at 800-257-6405 or message us on our contact page today.