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Make a Powerful Impression With School Window Graphics

Plain windows are forgettable. They make no first impression and leave no lasting impact. Sharp, creative window graphics, however, that display your school colors, logo or mascot spread out over the front of entry windows, classroom windows, or any other visible windows make an indelible impression.

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What Top Football Universities Can Teach Us About School Pride

There are a number of ways students can demonstrate pride in their university. Few things, however, showcase school spirit quite like cheering for the home team on game day. During a football game celebrate their schools by covering themselves head-to-toe in school colors and filling stadium seats. They tailgate long before the game starts and continue celebrating well after it's over.

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How Branding Completely Transforms Your School's Culture

Branding a school isn't about selling the school or the kids who go there. It's about sharing the amazing experiences that happen on and around campus. Organizations, like people, develop their identity and personality based on the heritage they create and the culture they elevated when they collect and share positive experiences.

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Concussions: Important Information for High School Athletes

A few years ago, the media started reporting what many of us already knew: Concussions lead to all types of physical and mental problems. Although football has been a primary target over the last decade, concussions occur in a wide range of contacts and high-intensity sports on every level from little league to the professional league.

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Outfitting Your Baseball and Softball Field With Wall Padding

Making great catches in baseball and softball often includes taking one for the team. Being a hero, however, doesn’t have to be so painful when a player slams up against the back wall or fence. Concussions occur when someone suffers from head trauma due to a collision with the wall.

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The Importance of Branding in School Sports

Few things heighten campus vitality and school pride like athletics. Students love to rally around sports teams as they compete against rivals. For this reason alone, one of your core focal points needs to be on branding your school. Students, alumni, faculty, and staff need to feel the intensity of your school pride, everywhere they go.

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4 Things to Consider When Designing Your Branding Design

If you embed your logo inside the design, make sure the area around it doesn’t detract from the logo itself. Otherwise, you’ve defeated the purpose of adding the logo. In many cases, a logo usually lies in a bed of solid colors and only shares the space with text - not more design.

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Iowa’s NCAA wrestling program is always listed in the top five programs throughout the country. Iowa State often makes that list too. Oklahoma is another state that takes wrestling very seriously. Iowa’s colleges – plus others like Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, and Lehigh – take pride in their athletes and accomplishments. They also take pride in the beautiful wrestling facilities they’ve developed.

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Thanks again for your support in the We Are Cardinal project. Check your email for updates!

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That’s what students used to say about Cardinal High School.

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